Easy Ways to Surround Yourself with English

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  1. Stephen Devincenzi says:

    Whoever wrote this must be a true genius.

  2. Lord Laddington says:

    Wonderful work my man.

  1. 2 January, 2018

    […] level is, the best way to improve your language skills is by practising every day. There are many easy ways to surround yourself with English, so pick one or two, and make them a New Year’s […]

  2. 3 April, 2018

    […] stop translating in your head. It is as simple as that. I have written before about ways of making your own language-environment. If English is your second language, when you stop reading this article, keep on thinking to […]

  3. 12 June, 2018

    […] have written before about how to make your own immersion environment. The idea of ‘immersion’ is that your target language becomes a real tool for your […]

  4. 15 August, 2018

    […] including myself, are always telling their students that it is important to study, or at least have a bit of contact, with the language you are learning, every day. You should make the most of your daily life to […]

  5. 30 October, 2018

    […] have talked in the past about the benefits of anglicising your daily life. This can be greatly beneficial to your English learning and can be done in some pretty simple […]

  6. 6 December, 2018

    […] the news, or, if you are lucky enough, go travelling! If you can find ways to relate English to your daily life, while having fun or relaxing, you might learn parts of English that are more difficult to pick up […]

  7. 8 January, 2019

    […] have spoken before about ways of Anglicising your everyday environment. Think about what habits you already have, and how they can be easily, […]

  8. 30 January, 2019

    […] English from are the one’s that you listen to anyway. As always, the best way to learn is to integrate English with your normal routine. Next week, I will give some ideas of songs to try. Until then, why not listen to Ed […]

  9. 18 February, 2019

    […] have to say or not, it can be a great way to start your day to read your horoscope in English. Exposing yourself to English as much as possible is the best way to naturally improve your language. The […]

  10. 20 March, 2019

    […] from friends and colleagues – however, don’t underestimate the power of changing the language of your environment. If your homepage is in English, it will automatically give you some connection to English every […]

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