Monthly Archive: March 2020


Take your Learning Outside

Take your Learning Outside We associate learning with computer screens and books while being hunched over a desk with a cup of coffee on the side. But recently, I decided to try out a...


Pete is Sick

Hey guys. Today we have a short monologue based around sickness. Poor Pete is not feeling so good. Let’s find out why.  Hi there. Buenas. My name is Pete and I’m not feeling so good...


Sentence Building

Hello again. Today I’m going to give you some simple sentence-building examples and show you how you can practice making complex sentences. We will start with a very short, simple sentence and build it...


A Quiz About Music

Hello, again. Welcome back to the blog. Today I want to go through a quiz and give you some example answers. Quizzes are something I use a lot in my classes, and I find...

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