Monthly Archive: April 2020


Everyday Beginner Phrases 2

Welcome back to this second instalment of everyday phrases for beginners. I’m going to give you a list of super common sentence patterns with several examples. Let’s get right to it.  How’s it going…?...


Everyday Beginner Phrases 1

Hey again and welcome to this blog post on everyday English phrases. There’s nothing quite like the basics. They never go out of fashion, they never complicate things, and they’re always there for you...


The World is on Lockdown

At the time of writing this, almost four hundred thousand people have been infected worldwide, twenty-one people are dead. Wow, what a way to start a blog post, huh? Reality is not always candy...


Surviving Quarantine

Times are tough right now. We’ve all been quarantined and sardined into our homes like the final person being crammed into a Chinese train, uncertainty radiating from his visage of confusion. It’s all very...

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