New Year. New habits. Language learning habits.

Stephen Devincenzi

An Englishman in Argentina. I'm a teacher and writer for the EnIngles blog. I cook a lot.

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  1. 17 January, 2019

    […] as we discussed last week, it takes about a month to create a habit. If you have anything that you want to do every day, you […]

  2. 22 January, 2019

    […] the last couple of weeks we’ve talked about how to start a new habit and how to manage your time using timeblocks. But why do you want to manage your time better? What […]

  3. 30 January, 2019

    […] been talking a lot about habits recently. They can be unhealthy, like smoking, or healthy, like drinking 2 litres of water a day; […]

  4. 18 February, 2019

    […] the last few weeks, we have talked about some small habits that can help you to improve your English without much effort. We have looked at time-blocking, […]

  5. 27 March, 2019

    […] easily accessible, and writing them down with their meanings whenever you come across them. Constant interaction with English is the best way to build up your knowledge of phrasal verbs – by reading the […]

  6. 4 June, 2019

    […] other aspects of language, English grammar is greatly improved with everyday interaction. Just some tiny changes to your daily routine could give your language a huge boost. After all, we learned the grammar of our mother tongue […]

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