Category: Punctuation


How to make the most of your time studying English abroad

Last week we looked at how to choose a study-abroad programme. Hopefully, this will have been a fantastic decision. But your decisions don’t stop there! How you interact with the course, your classes and...


Do you know these common English expressions?

English is absolutely full of funny little phrases. Some are easy to understand, and some are more difficult. The best way to learn expressions is by reading and listening as much as possible. But...


How can Social Media help my English?

Oh the irony! As I try to write this article, I am distracted by social media! Whether we like it or not – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others, are here to stay. There are...


Five – Minute punctuation boost: commas.

  Punctuation works in almost the same way between English and other European languages. In both Spanish and English you can easily insert one comma into this sentence, to invite Maria to eat, instead...

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