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Talk to your Teacher

All classes are different. Some are quiet, some are loud. Some are passive, some are active. Some teach something new, and some improve your current knowledge. There is no correct way to teach or...


Do’s and Don’ts of English learning with young children

    The benefits of knowing a second language go far beyond those of communication. People who know more than one language have been shown to have better memories, better problem-solving skills, better attention-spans...


Should I learn British or American English?

  As an English teacher, one question I often hear is “Should I learn British English or American English?” This question is very common, despite there being many other types of English that exist...


How to Stop Translating in your Head

    There comes a time in every advanced language learner’s life, that they will stop translating in their head. This is the moment in which speaking in your second language becomes truly organic;...

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