How to choose what to read in English

Stephen Devincenzi

An Englishman in Argentina. I'm a teacher and writer for the EnIngles blog. I cook a lot.

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3 Responses

  1. Pablo B says:

    Nice post! I like Orwell’s works, and I’ve read The Curious… I’ll add the other books to my “To read” list. How do you choose what to read for your own pleasure?

    • Hi Pablo!

      That’s great to hear. I always have a list of books to read longer than I can manage – mostly recommendations from friends, but also, from getting carried away in bookshops. I am probably reading more non-fiction than fiction these days though, particularly in the style of my last recommendation there – from Yuval Noah Harari.

      Do you have your own way to choose?


      • Pablo B says:

        Hi Stephen,
        Thanks for the reply. I choose books that might be worth reading, perhaps because they’re classics or they deal with a topic I’m interested in. Recommendations from friends, as you said, is also a factor. I don’t get carried away in bookshops, though I like browsing every now and then. Lately I’ve made a habit of ransacking other people’s bookcases jajaj Out of the ten/eleven books I’ve read this year, one was a birthday present and the rest were borrowed from friends or my parents.

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