Spanish Classes

Spanish Classes


4-skill-based course to learn and acquire the Spanish language. Special focus on speaking and cultural awareness. Listening and reading comprehension. Confidence building and social skills development.

Moving around the city | Slang | Pronunciation | Fluency | General Spanish | Business Spanish | Survival courses for travellers |


Depending on the purpose of the course you want to take, certain following units are selected and combined:

  • Greetings and Presentations. Cultural Habits. The verb to be in Spanish. Basic questions.

  • At the airport. Currency and money exchange. Economic trends. Prepositions.

  • Moving around a city. Transportation. Vocabulary and common phrases.

  • At a restaurant. Cultural habits. Traditional dishes. Vocabulary. Daily routines. Present and Past tenses.

  • Emergencies. Vocabulary and phrases.

  • At the supermarket. Vocabulary and phrases.

  • Shopping. Vocabulary and phrases. Places.

  • Cultural habits. What’s socially acceptable and what’s not. Fun facts, traditions, events and night out.


Beginner to Advanced (A1 - C2)


Online Individual | Online Grupal


  • A level a year with 1:30 or 2 hr week classes
  • Upon demand

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